Moscow warns NATO against extending missile shield


From AFP:  Russia cautioned the US and its NATO allies Monday against plans to extend an anti-missile shield into northern European seas.

On a visit to Norway, Russia’s ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin deplored the lack of any firm guarantees from the alliance that American ships fitted with anti-missile technology would not be deployed in northern waters.

"The very fact of deploying US military missile defence infrastructure in the Northern seas is a real provocation with regard to the process of nuclear disarmament", said Rogozin at a press conference.

"Why is no one giving guarantees that a US fleet equipped with Aegis interceptor systems won’t be deployed in the Northern seas?" he said. . . .

Rogozin also called on Norway’s foreign affairs minister Jonas Gahr Stoere, to to oppose the plan.

"The countries that are going to join in participating in these plans are going to share the responsibility like the initiators of that project", he said, warning Europe "not hide to hide behind the back of the United States."  (graphic: RIA Novosti)

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