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May 28, 2024

‘The time has come’: Calls grow to allow Ukrainian strikes inside Russia

By Peter Dickinson

Pressure is building for the US and other NATO allies to lift restrictions on the use of Western weapons for Ukrainian strikes inside Russia, writes Peter Dickinson.

Conflict Defense Technologies


May 28, 2024

Only enhanced air defenses can save Ukraine from winter energy collapse

By Aura Sabadus

Ukraine's power grid has been decimated in recent months by a major Russian bombing campaign. In order to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe this winter, the country urgently needs more air defenses, writes Aura Sabadus.

Conflict European Union


May 27, 2024

Russia is bombing book publishers as Putin wages war on Ukrainian identity

By Maria Avdeeva

Russia's recent targeted bombing of a major Ukrainian book publishing plant in Kharkiv is part of the Kremlin's wider war against Ukrainian national identity, writes Maria Avdeeva.

Civil Society Conflict

New Atlanticist

May 25, 2024

Experts react: What to know about the latest G7 ‘progress’ on using blocked Russian assets to aid Ukraine

By Atlantic Council experts

Group of Seven (G7) finance ministers just met in Stresa, Italy, to discuss what to do with blocked Russian assets. Atlantic Council experts follow the money.

Conflict Economy & Business


May 23, 2024

Pride of Ukraine: Oleksandr Usyk’s historic victory boosts wartime morale

By Joshua Stein

Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk's remarkable achievement in unifying the heavyweight division for the first time this century has provided war-torn Ukraine with a welcome morale boost, writes Joshua Stein.

Conflict Resilience & Society


May 23, 2024

Ukraine faces long-term mental health challenges among veteran community

By Claire Szewczyk

Far away from the front lines of the country’s ongoing war with Russia, growing numbers of Ukrainian veterans are facing up to the psychological aftermath of their military service, writes Claire Szewczyk.

Civil Society Conflict
Oil derricks in Siberia

Russia Tomorrow

May 23, 2024

Oil, gas, and war: The effect of sanctions on the Russian energy industry

By Vladimir Milov

A new Atlantic Council report explores the effect of sanctions on Russia's energy industry. Are oil and gas still Putin's lifeline?

Economic Sanctions Europe & Eurasia


May 23, 2024

President Zelenskyy’s term is over but he’s still a legitimate wartime leader

By Elena Davlikanova

Kremlin attempts to question the legitimacy of Ukraine's President Zelenskyy due to the end of his official term in office ignore the obvious impossibility of holding elections amid Europe's biggest invasion since World War II, writes Elena Davlikanova.

Civil Society Conflict

New Atlanticist

May 22, 2024

NATO must accelerate support and secure membership for Ukraine at its Washington summit, transatlantic leaders urge

By Katherine Walla

Former and current officials, as well as top experts, outlined what needs to be accomplished for Ukraine at the NATO Summit.

Europe & Eurasia NATO


May 21, 2024

Ukraine’s Western allies should fear Russian victory not Russian defeat

By Peter Dickinson

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy says his country's allies fear the potential geopolitical consequences of Russian defeat, but Russian victory is a far more realistic and alarming prospect, writes Peter Dickinson.

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