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New Atlanticist

Mar 1, 2024

Don’t let the ‘boots on the ground’ debate obscure the progress France is making on Ukraine

By Léonie Allard

Too much focus on the French president’s speculative comments about a potential Western military presence in Ukraine is a distraction from the concrete steps that European leaders made in Paris to support Kyiv. 

Conflict France

New Atlanticist

Feb 29, 2024

It’s Italy’s time to cement itself as the indispensable Mediterranean nation

By Kaush Arha, Paolo Messa

Italy is poised to be Europe’s linchpin for connecting the free and open economies of the Med-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific.

Economy & Business Italy

New Atlanticist

Feb 28, 2024

After 14 years in opposition, what might a Labour foreign policy look like?

By Francis Shin

UK Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy outlined a doctrine of "progressive realism" drawing on the Labour Party's past.

Elections Politics & Diplomacy

Balkans Debrief

Feb 27, 2024

#BalkansDebrief – Why did the dinar ban spark Kosovo-US tension? | A debrief with Arian Zeka and Dragisa Mijacic

In this episode of #BalkansDebrief, Ilva Tare, Europe Center's Nonresident Senior Fellow, welcomes Arian Zeka and Dragisa Mijacic. Together, they discuss the implications of the recent dinar ban in Kosovo.

The Balkans

New Atlanticist

Feb 26, 2024

Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski: ‘Helping Ukraine is not only a good deed. It’s also a good deal.’ 

By Radosław Sikorski

The United States must continue to back Ukraine and deepen its alliances to stop Putin's aggression and prevent a wider global conflict.

Defense Industry Defense Policy


Feb 26, 2024

Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski on how the West must stand up to Russia’s aggression

Sikorski joined the Atlantic Council to outline his government's priorities and discuss ways the West can stop dictators—such as Vladimir Putin—from shaping the world order.

Conflict Defense Industry

New Atlanticist

Feb 26, 2024

It’s Swe-done: What’s next for NATO now that Hungary has approved Sweden’s bid to join

By Atlantic Council experts

Hungary’s parliament has ratified Sweden’s accession to NATO, the final approval needed. Atlantic Council experts share their insights on the about-to-be thirty-two member Alliance.

Europe & Eurasia NATO

Issue Brief

Feb 26, 2024

Western Balkans must pursue more competitive energy sectors

By Matthew Bryza

The EU needs to take steps to support more competition and efficiency in the energy sectors of Bulgaria and the Western Balkans to advance the energy transition and promote energy independence from Russia.

Energy Markets & Governance Energy Transitions

In the News

Feb 26, 2024

Wieslander interviewed by New York Times

On Monday, February 26, Anna Wieslander, director for Northern Europe, was interviewed by New York Times to comment on the Hungarian Parliament’s approval of Sweden’s application to NATO. Regarding Sweden’s role in NATO, Ms. Wieslander says: “Sweden’s main tasks will be to help guard the Baltic Sea and the airspace over Kaliningrad; to ensure the […]

NATO Northern Europe

Atlantic Debrief

Feb 23, 2024

#AtlanticDebrief – What are the key trends in the European elections? | A Debrief from Fabian Zuleeg

Jörn Fleck sits down with Chief Executive of the European Policy Centre Fabian Zuleeg to discuss the upcoming European elections and implications for Europe and transatlantic relations.

European Union Politics & Diplomacy