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An engaging expert panel discussion about the geopolitical ramifications of both new data capabilities and new technologies as well as the challenges they pose to defense and national security in Western governments and open societies:

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GeoTech Commission bipartisan report

The Atlantic Council’s bipartisan Commission on the Geopolitical Impacts of New Technologies and Data released a landmark report. The report comes amid the “GeoTech Decade,” in which new technologies and data capabilities will have an outsized impact on geopolitics, economics, and global governance. As a result, the world must embrace new approaches. Firstly, new approaches for developing and deploying critical technologies. Secondly, new approaches for rebuilding trust in domestic and global governance. Thirdly, new approaches for rebuilding trust in domestic and global governance. Fourthly, new approaches for establishing and adapting norms for international cooperation. Fifthly, new approaches for cultivating human capital.

Smart partnerships for global challenges: AI & China

The Atlantic Council is honored to partner with the Rockefeller Foundation via a grant focused on data and AI efforts by China around the world. The global tech choices we make in the world – choices by China, Europe, Africa, India as well as other parts of Asia, and America to include the United States – will determine whether data and AI activities benefit us all on this planet.

Tech-for-good activities

The Atlantic Council GeoTech Center launched the same day COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Since then, the Center has worked as a committed “learn, do, adapt” tank focused on projects at the nexus of data, new technologies, and geopolitics. Our focus is on illuminating ways to employ tech and data to improve the global decade ahead.

New technologies and data are tools. It is upon the choices we make, both as individuals and as communities, that ensure that they are used as a force for good in the world.

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Dr. David Bray, Director, GeoTech Center