About the GeoTech Center

Emerging technologies—including artificial intelligence, biotechnology, quantum information sciences, next-generation communications (including satellite constellations), and others—are transforming lives across the globe. Furthermore, the rapid adoption, innovation, and convergence of these technologies mean that their influence will expand, accelerate, and evolve in unforeseeable ways.

The GeoTech Center is working to identify and communicate what is required so that emerging technologies can enter use widely across the globe for public benefit, while identifying and mitigating potential societal and geopolitical risks. The Center thereby serves as an essential bridge between technologists and national as well as international policymakers, bringing together subject matter experts, thought leaders, and decision-makers through purposeful convenings to consider the broader societal, economic, and geopolitical implications of new and emerging technologies; leverage technology to solve global challenges; and develop actionable tech policy, partnerships, and programs.

Our current work is focused on the following emerging technology areas:

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Future Areas of Interest

In addition to the technology policy areas mentioned above, future areas of interest include global policies needed to support technologies to mitigate climate change, strategies for international cooperation in semiconductor innovation, international science in the new age of geopolitical competition, and the implications of AI for scientific discovery, the future of knowledge, and the future of work.  

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