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The energy landscape of 2023 faced great challenges. Yet, the transition to clean energy notched significant gains.

In the 2024 Global Energy Agenda, climate and energy leaders share perspectives on accelerating the energy transition.


EnergySource is the Global Energy Center’s (GEC) online publication providing commentary and analysis on developments in the energy and climate sector from a wide-array of thought leaders, politicians, and experts.

Blog Post

Feb 22, 2024

How to finance net zero in developing economies: Beyond the existing investment framework

By Ken Berlin, Frank Willey

The IEA’s recent analysis concludes that the world is on a path to achieve only one-third of the necessary reductions to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C by 2030. The establishment of a new financing structure that catalyzes private investment in developing countries through innovative financing guarantees is crucial for achieving ambitious carbon reduction goals.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy Markets & Governance


Feb 21, 2024

Escalating Middle East conflict means North America must bolster global energy security

By Julia Nesheiwat

The Houthi attacks on ships in the Red Sea have raised shipping costs and caused delays for certain traded goods. While global energy supply has remained uninterrupted, the threat of a broader conflict in the region raises the chances that there will be disruptive attacks on energy and transport infrastructure, putting energy security at risk.

China Energy & Environment


Feb 21, 2024

Two years on, what the Russian invasion of Ukraine means for energy security and net-zero emissions

By Atlantic Council experts

Experts from the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center offer perspectives on navigating global energy security and charting a course towards a more secure and sustainable energy future two years after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance


Dec 15, 2023

COP28’s legacy will be measured by emissions reduction, not ‘historic’ text

By Landon Derentz

The COP28 final declaration is transformational in its reflections on fossil energy’s role in climate change. The conference’s real legacy, however, will be the efforts undertaken to foster the inclusive platform necessary to promote private and public actions and reduce global emissions.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment


Dec 13, 2023

The US and NATO must clamp down on Russian fossil fuels to end the war in Ukraine

By Svitlana Romanko and Oleh Savytskyi

The US and its EU allies have made several attempts to diminish Russia’s fossil fuel exports, with mixed results. the West must do more to staunch the flow of Russian oil and gas—and restore peace for Ukraine.

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance

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