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Our team will deploy its convening power and vision for climate action on the ground in Dubai to engage in dialogue; host its flagship event, the Global Energy Forum; and provide timely commentary and analysis on developments and outcomes at the climate conference.


EnergySource is the Global Energy Center’s (GEC) online publication providing commentary and analysis on developments in the energy and climate sector from a wide-array of thought leaders, politicians, and experts.

New Atlanticist

Dec 6, 2023

John Kerry unveils a ‘critical’ new US strategy to expand fusion energy

By Katherine Walla

“We need to pull ourselves together with every strength we have,” Kerry said on the first day of the Global Energy Forum.

Africa Climate Change & Climate Action

New Atlanticist

Dec 6, 2023

The world’s biggest energy exporters plot out the next steps toward net zero

By Nick Fouriezos

At the Global Energy Forum, key leaders of the Net-Zero Producers Forum laid out a vision from some of the world’s largest energy exporters for making progress on the world’s sustainability goals.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy Transitions


Dec 5, 2023

The Oil and Gas Decarbonization Charter is a start, but more work remains

By David L. Goldwyn, Andrea Clabough

Although the Oil and Gas Decarbonization Charter is laudable, the pace of change for this industry (as represented in this charter) is not fast enough, deep enough, or broad enough to materially address the yawning gap between the Paris commitments and the present Dubai reality.

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance

New Atlanticist

Nov 30, 2023

Live expertise from COP28 as the world tries to join together in the fight against climate change

By Atlantic Council experts

Our experts have been dispatched to Dubai, where they’ll be analyzing how global leaders respond to the greatest challenges posed by climate change.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy Transitions


Nov 30, 2023

Mobilizing climate finance at COP28: Improving enabling environments in emerging and developing countries

By Robert F. Ichord, Jr.

As nations take stock of national and global efforts to address climate change and finance the clean energy transition at COP28, the dialogue should elevate the issue of how to improve the enabling environments in emerging markets and developing countries.

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