Multinational Exercise for NATO Robots

Talon UGV

From Paul McLeary, Intercepts:  While it might not be as epic as a UAV taking off and landing on an aircraft carrier, next week at Ft. Benning Ga., teams of American, German, and Turkish developers will take turns using their own controllers to drive each other’s ground robots around the Maneuver Battle Lab.

The event is part of a larger NATO program to design interoperable unmanned ground vehicle systems and controllers, which will include developing a NATO set of standards for all members.

According to a release put out by the Maneuver Center of Excellence, a Talon UGV equipped with sensors and articulating tools will be operated using the US, German, and Turkish operator control units in a variety of exercises looking for potential improvised explosive devices, among other scenarios.  (photo: QinetiQ)   (via Blogs of War)

Image: qinetiq%207%2012%2013%20Talon%20UGV.jpg