From Reuters: The splits inside NATO over the Afghan war have turned the alliance into a rotting corpse that will be virtually impossible to revive, says the former head of Canada’s armed forces.

General Rick Hillier also said the 28-member alliance was ‘dominated by jealousies and small, vicious political battles’ and bemoaned its “lack of cohesion, clarity and professionalism” at the start of the Afghan mission.

Hillier made the angry comments in a new book called “A Soldier First: Bullets, Bureaucrats and the Politics of War,” which was purchased by Reuters on Tuesday ahead of its scheduled publication date next week. Hiller stepped down as chief of the defense staff last year…

“Afghanistan has revealed that NATO has reached the stage where it is a corpse decomposing and somebody’s going to have to perform a Frankenstein-like life-giving act by breathing some lifesaving air through those rotten lips into those putrescent lungs or the alliance will be done,” Hillier wrote. (photo: National Post)