NATO Allies Participate in Estonia’s Spring Storm Exercise

Soldiers from Belgium, Britain, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania join Estonian troops in Spring Storm

From Postimees:  In addition to Estonian troops, around 350 land force personnel from Belgium, Britain, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as about 100 Polish airmen will take part in this year’s edition of Spring Storm, the largest annual exercise of the Estonian defense forces.

The commanding officer of the exercise, Army chief Col. Artur Tiganik, told reporters on Wednesday that participating will be one infantry company from the United Kingdom and Latvia each, a reconnaissance platoon from Lithuania, an anti-aircraft missile platoon from Belgium, and Sukhoi Su-22 attack aircraft from Poland. Latvian units have taken part in Spring Storm for five years and Lithuanian military will be present for the second time.

The British company is part of a regiment that has previously served together with Estonian units in Afghanistan and it would like to continue cooperation with the Estonian defense forces, Tiganik said. Belgium has sent observers in previous years. . . .

For the first time ever also the Navy will take part in Spring Storm.  (photo: Mihkel Maripuu/Postimees)

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