NATO and the case for defense

"When Nato’s leaders gather in Lisbon on Friday they will have much to chew over."

From the Editors of the Financial Times:  Fiscal retrenchment will severely constrain European defence spending over the next decade, leaving the US to bear a growing share of the alliance’s burden. Managing this squeeze will be as decisive for Nato’s future as its plans for Russia and Afghanistan. …

Europe spends more on defence than Russia or China. Yet the main result is duplication. Whereas the US has just two tank programmes, Europe has 11. Combating future threats will require not tanks but modern, sophisticated kit, such as drones. Here Europe lags behind its transatlantic partner.

Nato should use its new strategic concept to facilitate this rationalisation. Having identified the threats they face, Nato’s members can cut their smaller cloth in concert. Plans for Afghanistan and Russia are important. But co-ordination is just as important between Nato members as between its troops on the battlefield.  (photo: Getty)

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