NATO and Ukraine discuss security cooperation


From NATO:  NATO Ministers expressed their high appreciation for Ukraine’s contribution to Euro-Atlantic security, noting that Ukraine is the first Partner to participate in the NATO Response Force , and contributes to almost all NATO-led operations and missions. They called on Ukraine to consider a contribution to Ocean Shield and additional training assistance to Afghanistan. …

We welcomed progress on the NATO/PfP Trust Funds in Ukraine, including completion of the first phase of the project on the destruction of small arms, as well as progress on the retraining and resettlement of released military personnel. We noted progress on the project on monitoring and forecasting the Prypyat River Basin, which flows through the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. We looked forward to the rapid conclusion of a risk assessment for the creation of a new trust fund on the disposal of radioactive sources. …

We also encouraged further progress in co-operation on emerging security challenges such as terrorism, proliferation, cyber defence and energy security. We noted the expansion of Ukraine’s participation in the Air Situation Data Exchange, cooperation on command, control and communications, and staff talks on missile defence held in March to provide an initial exchange of views on areas of potential cooperation.

We noted that existing cooperation on civil emergency planning holds potential for further development, and considered possible assistance from NATO in this area for the 2012 European football championship hosted by Ukraine and Poland.

Excerpts from joint statement by the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the level of Foreign Ministers in Berlin.  (photo: Getty)

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