NATO AWACS Provide Security Support for Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague

NATO AWACSNATO E-3A ‘Sentry’ Airborne Warning & Control System (AWACS) aircraft based in Geilenkirchen, Germany are helping secure and monitor the airspace over The Netherlands in support of the Nuclear Security Summit being held in The Hague on 24-25 March 2014. “We are monitoring this airspace very closely and have the ability to identify all air movement,” said Colonel Rene Moerland, Deputy Commander of the AWACS Component.

The summit brings together the leaders of over 50 countries to discuss important nuclear security issues and international agreements. NATO’s AWACS aircraft were requested as part of Dutch measures to ensure the security and safety of conference participants. They will operate in close cooperation with British and French E-3s to provide continuous airspace coverage for the duration of the summit.

The AWACS provides the Alliance with an instant airborne command and control system and provision of an air and maritime surveillance and battle space management capability. Throughout the summit the AWACS will work very closely with the Royal Dutch Air Force. “NATO’s fleet of AWACS aircraft performs a unique and valuable role for the Alliance by conducting a wide range of operational missions,” said the AWACS Force Commander, Major General Jochen Both. “Operationally we are exceptionally busy at the moment as our personnel continue to support NATO’s mission in Afghanistan as well as several other operations. I am very pleased with the performance of our aircraft and people as they collectively support the work of the Alliance around the globe,” he said.

Image: NATO AWACS (photo: NATO)