NATO Considers Options for a Postwar Role in Libya

Meeting of the North Atlantic Council

From the AP:  NATO’s governing body — the North Atlantic Council — has told its military staff to brainstorm ways to assist a future U.N. mission to stabilize the country.

"The council provided the NATO military authorities with a set of political guidelines for a possible future NATO supporting role in Libya … in support of wider international efforts," NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said. . . .

Lungescu said the North Atlantic Council had agreed that any possible future supporting role for NATO must "satisfy the criteria of a demonstrable need, a sound legal basis and wide regional support."

Another condition was that NATO would not have any "sustained" troop presence on the ground in Libya, officials said.

A senior NATO officer who spoke on condition of anonymity because the planning was still in its initial stages, said support for the U.N. mission could consist of air and sea deliveries of humanitarian aid as well as setting up training programs for Libyan security personnel in Europe. . . .

Other assistance to the U.N. mission could consist of logistical support, or reconnaissance aircraft and unmanned drones to provide surveillance over Libya.

The North Atlantic Council on Wednesday briefed ambassadors of partner nations on future plans in Libya. Five non-NATO countries have joined the alliance in the Libyan campaign — Jordan, Qatar, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates and Morocco.    (photo: NATO)

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