NATO exercise tests alliance’s cyber defenses

Cyber Attack

From NATO:  NATO conducted from 13 to 15 December a cyber defence exercise in order to test technical and operational Alliance cyber defence capabilities. The exercise called Cyber Coalition 2011 was an opportunity to test Alliance working procedures for responding to large scale cyber attacks targeting information infra-structures of NATO and individual countries.

The exercise was based  on a fictitious crisis in which all participant nations had to deal with simulated  cyber attacks. The scenario of the exercise required action, coordination and collaboration from cyber defence specialists and management bodies.

A total of 23 NATO and six partner nations nations were involved in the exercise. . . .

Around 100 specialists took part in the exercise from locations in the Alliance’s SHAPE Headquarters in Mons and the NATO Headquarters in Brussels. A similar number of national experts participated from national cyber defence facilities in their respective countries.   (graphic: Matt Murphy/Economist)

Image: economist%203%2026%2011%20Cyber%20Attack.jpg