NATO Experts Group say US Nukes Should Stay in Europe

From the Guardian: Nato’s group of experts, the small band of seasoned sages chaired by Madeleine Albright, who have been asked to guide the alliance on its future course, will advise it to hold on to America’s controversial tactical nukes in Europe.

In their report on Nato’s New Strategic Concept, due on the secretary general’s desk by May 1, the group will argue that the roughly 200 remaining American B61 bombs on European soil should not be unilaterally withdrawn.

The experts will recommend that the bombs should only be removed as part of a new deal with Russia, which has an estimated 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons, mostly on its western flank.

"You cannot get rid of them without reciprocity," a member of the group said.

The group’s word will not be final, but it will significantly strengthen the hand of those inside the alliance opposed to a German-led initiative to remove the bombs unilaterally.  (photo: NATO)

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