NATO leaders issue conditions for peace in Libya

NATO Foreign Ministers meeting in Berlin April 14, 2011.

From NATO:  Today, we, the Foreign Ministers of the Allies and operational partners participating in NATO-led Operation Unified Protector (OUP) in support of the enforcement of UNSC Resolution 1973, met in Berlin to discuss the situation in Libya and our joint efforts in support of broader international community objectives with regard to Libya. …

We welcome the outcome of the first meeting of the Contact Group which took place yesterday in Doha and strongly endorse its call for Qadhafi to leave power and its steadfast commitment to implement UNSCRs 1970 and 1973. …

A high operational tempo against legitimate targets will be maintained and we will exert this pressure as long as necessary and until the following objectives are achieved:

  1. All attacks and threats of attack against civilians and civilian-populated areas have ended;
  2. The regime has verifiably withdrawn to bases all military forces, including snipers, mercenaries and other para-military forces, including from all populated areas they have forcibly entered, occupied or besieged throughout all of Libya, including Ajdabiyah, Brega, Jadu, al Jebal al Gharbiyah, Kikla, Misrata, Nalut, Raslanuf, Yefrin, Zawiyah, Zintan and Zuara;
  3. The regime must permit immediate, full, safe and unhindered humanitarian access to all the people in Libya in need of assistance.

Excerpts from statement on Libya by NATO Foreign Ministers.  (photo: Reuters)

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