NATO Military Committee visits KFOR

NATO’s Military Committee in Kosovo, September 28, 2010.

From NATO’s International Military Staff:  NATO’s Military Committee (MC) visited KFOR on 28 September, where it was welcomed by Major General Erhard Bühler, Commander of the Kosovo Force (KFOR) and by Admiral Mark Fitzgerald, Joint Force Commander Naples (JFCN).

At the KFOR HQ, the Military Representatives from KFOR contributing Nations met with Lamberto Zannier, United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General (UNSRSG); Pieter Feith, European Union Special Representative (EUSR); and Roy Reeve, Deputy Head of the European Rule of Law Mission (EULEX), who briefed them in depth on the evolution of the overall situation in Kosovo. …

Later on, the NATO Delegation attended two crowd control exercises – at Devic Monastery and at Camp Nothing Hill – where KFOR, EULEX and the Kosovo Police (KP) demonstrated their ability to operate jointly and in close cooperation, in rapid response to emergency situation scenarios.

Concluding the visit, Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, Chairman of the Military Committee, expressed his appreciation for the progress made by the KSF and the  enhanced practical cooperation between the different security bodies: “Today we saw a demonstration of what EULEX, KFOR and the KP are capable of doing together. This strengthens our confidence that Kosovo’s safe and secured environment can be properly guaranteed. Important work has been achieved so far, and now we must all continue on the path of progress in Kosovo."  (photo: NATO’s International Military Staff)

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