NATO nearing decision to end Libya operation

An anti-Gaddafi fighter on the western front line in Sirte, October 18, 2011

From Slobodan Lekic, the AP:  NATO said Tuesday it is considering ending its bombing campaign in Libya but the decision must consider the threat pro-Moammar Gadhafi fighters still pose to civilians.

Some have speculated that the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s top decision-making body, will declare an end to the 7-month-old Libyan operation when it meets Wednesday.

But a diplomat said France and Britain have insisted that the bombing campaign continue until Libya’s new authorities are able to assume responsibility for security nationwide. The diplomat spoke on condition of anonymity, given the sensitivity of the matter.

"We are very close to the end, but there are still threats to the civilian population," NATO spokesman Carmen Romero said Tuesday.  (photo: AP)

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