NATO releases new documentaries: ”The NATO Chronicles”


From NATO:  “The NATO Chronicles” are five documentaries and a web documentary ( that take viewers to the heart of the Alliance’s missions. With a rigorous journalistic approach, the stories throw new light on programmes and initiatives that are little-known to the public. Combating piracy, air policing, energy security and scientific cooperation – the NATO Chronicles introduce you to people in the Alliance, civilians and servicemen and women, who are working to make this world a safer place. …

Avoiding clichés and preconceived ideas, but focusing on day-to-day events with a human face, the NATO Chronicles let the men and women on the scene tell us about:

  • Combating piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Somali Basin;
  • NATO’s contribution to the energy security of member and partner nations through its network of pipelines;
  • How NATO supports Afghan students by providing universities with high-speed internet connections;
  • New anti-terrorist aerial policing arrangements embracing Russia and neighbouring NATO countries; and
  • Research programmes that are developing ecological agricultural systems in Georgia and promoting cooperation among Georgian, Armenian and Azeri scientists and farmers.

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