NATO, Russia agree boost cooperation in Afghan war

US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev, November 14, 2010.

From Slobodan Lekicby, the AP:  NATO and Russia are ready to conclude a series of agreements designed to boost cooperation in the Afghan war, a senior U.S. official said Monday.

These include expanding the current arrangement that enables NATO to ship non-lethal supplies from Europe to Afghanistan overland through Russia, said the official who asked not to be identified under standing rules.

It would allow for heavy equipment to be transported in the future, and NATO will also be able to ship the equipment back to Europe via the same routes, he said. …

The U.S. official says other accords will cover a new counter-narcotics center to be set up in Russia to train agents from Afghanistan and other Central Asian nations.  (photo: Getty)

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