NATO Starts Security Drills in the Baltics

US soldiers taking part in previous exercise at the Adazi Training Area, Latvia

From RIA Novosti:  NATO countries start on Monday large-scale security cooperation exercises on the territory of the former Soviet republics in the Baltic region, the Estonian military said.

The US-led Saber Strike 2013 drills involve some 2,000 personnel from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the United States, Norway, Poland and the UK, as well as troops from Finland, which is not a NATO country.

This year’s exercise will be conducted in all three Baltic States: in Lithuania – General Adolfas Ramanauskas combat training center located in Nemencine and Pabrade training area, Latvia – at the Adazi training area and in Estonia – at Amari air base and cities of Tapa and Tartu.  (photo: Sgt. Stephen A. Gober/US Army)

Image: us%20army%206%203%2013%20Latvia%20exercise.jpg