NATO Takes Control of Kosovo Border Crossings

A border crossing between Serbia and Kosovo is set ablaze by hundreds of Serb youths, in Jarinje, July 27, 2011

From the AP:  American and French peacekeepers took control of two customs posts on Kosovo’s northern border with Serbia on Thursday after they were attacked by Serbs armed with firebombs, a NATO spokesman said.

Cpt. Hans Wichter said only small vehicles are now being allowed to pass through the outposts because "the infrastructure is heavily damaged" and that each vehicle is being checked for weapons.

A mob of about 200 Serbs attacked the outposts late Wednesday, setting one of them on fire and killing a Kosovo policeman. As the masked Serbs attacked, European Union police on the scene leaped into their cars and fled the area, according to video shown on Serbia’s state-run RTS television. . . .

NATO is trying to reach an agreement that would ease tensions between the two sides.  (photo: Getty)

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