NATO welcomes French action in Mali, but not asked to participate

A French Rafale fighter jet lands after a bombing raid over northern Mali

From Hurriyet Daily News:  NATO said Monday it supported French efforts to turn back the terrorist threat in Mali but that the alliance had received no request for assistance and had not discussed the conflict, AFP has reported.

"We welcome the efforts of the international community in support of the implementation of the United Nations … resolution 2085 (on Mali)," a NATO spokesman said.

"France has taken swift action to roll back the offensive of the terrorist groups in Mali," the spokesman said.

"We are hopeful that such efforts will help to restore the rule of law in Mali and … roll back the threat" of groups which threaten the "security and stability of the country, the region and beyond." At the same time, NATO stressed this was a national operation, carried out by France, and there had been no request for assistance nor had there been a "discussion within NATO of this crisis." "So far, the operation in Mali is a national operation in support of Mali. It was decided by the French government … NATO is not involved in that. . . ." 

Britain over the weekend authorized sending several C-17 transport planes to help France bring more troops. The United States is sending drones, as well as communications and logistical support.  (photo: Nicolas-Nelson Richard/AFP/Getty)

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