NATOSource: Adm. Stavridis begins command of NATO forces
On June 30, 2009, Admiral James Stavridis became commander of all U.S. forces in our European Command. Today, Admiral Stavridis assumed command of all NATO forces as the new Supreme Allied Commander Europe SACEUR. The following is an excerpt from his speech at the change of command ceremony.

From NATO: Men and women of Allied Command Operations, today I am lucky enough to find myself standing on the bridge … ready to take the watch …
And I know I am not taking the watch alone.
With me are over seventy thousand shipmates – military and civilian alike – in three continents from the populated plains and coasts of Europe to the bright blue of the Mediterranean Sea … from the high mountain passes of Afghanistan … to the distant Arctic circle … proud servants all.
You stand in a long line of heroes who “stood and delivered” across this continent for decades in both war and peace.
I honor your service … I pledge my support and loyalty to each of you … I will continue to strengthen the pillars of our transatlantic bridge as we build new ones. That is my mission … and I will do my best. (photo: NATO)

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