From NATO: the Secretary General is now leading a process that will lead itself to the new strategic concept. There will be a number of events to feed the strategic debate and the deliberations of the group of experts. We will have strategic concepts, seminars which will be attended by the experts as a group . . .

the first that will be on the 16th of October. It will be in Luxembourg.

The subject is NATO’s fundamental security tasks, panels to discuss among other things the changing security environment and the impact on NATO; second, the core task of the Alliance; third, NATO’s political role on a whole host of possible issues and finally overall strategy, hard versus soft security, crisis management in Article 5, how do we balance all of these against new requirements.

So these are in essence, the themes of the first seminar. Subsequent seminars will look at different areas such as partnerships or transformation.

For additional information, (photo: NATO)