New Commander for NATO’s Joint Warfare Center

German Army Lt.Gen. Wolfgang Korte, Polish Army Gen. Mieczyslaw Bienek and French Army Maj.Gen. Jean Fred Berger at ceremony.

From Allied Command Operations:  French Army Major General Jean Fred Berger assumed command of NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre today in a Change of Command ceremony, replacing German Army Lieutenant General Wolfgang Korte , who is retiring after a 42-year military career in the German Army.

Polish Army General Mieczyslaw Bienek, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, based at Norfolk, Virginia, USA, presided over the Change of Command ceremony. The historical day brought together many civilian and military authorities, Joint Warfare Centre’s international staff and family members as well as several dignitaries and media from Stavanger. Mr Roger Ingebrigtsen, State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, was the honoured guest representing the host nation.

Biographical details of the new appointment are available on the Joint Warfare Centre website at  (photo: Allied Command Operations)

Image: aco%206%2021%2011%20NATO%20Joint%20Warfare%20Center%20new%20commander.jpg