Obama and Cameron discuss Britain’s defense cuts and NATO responsibilities

President Barack Obama talks on the phone in the Oval Office with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

From the White House: President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron spoke by telephone today.  The Prime Minister briefed the President on the U.K. National Security Strategy that was published today and they discussed the Strategic Defense and Security Review that the U.K. government will announce tomorrow.  In particular, the Prime Minister stated that the United Kingdom would remain a first rate military power, and remained committed to meeting its responsibilities in NATO.  The President emphasized how much the United States values the United Kingdom’s contributions to global security.  He noted that in the context of our special relationship and shared commitment as NATO allies, he appreciates the Cameron government’s commitment to retain the full spectrum of military capabilities that permits our forces to partner effectively together around the world. The President and the Prime Minister also discussed our close, ongoing counterterrorism cooperation.  (photo: White House)

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