From Heritage: One of America’s greatest imports to Europe was their love of free trade, capitalism, liberty and democracy as the true safeguards against internal conflict. And with NATO’s security guarantee and tens of thousands of American troops on the European Continent, Western Europe was free to build its powerful economies and enjoy the fruits of freedom which were denied to those East of the Berlin Wall.

As well as commemorating the outbreak of the most devastating conflict of the twentieth century, Europeans were this week disposing of all their traditional incandescent light bulbs in compliance with new EU rules. Thomas Edison’s 100 watt light bulb has been deemed environmentally unsound by Brussels, along with misshapen bananas and certain pesticides. In remembering the tragedy and triumphs of modern European history, it is important to put things into perspective. Europe’s most successful route to peace has been through free trade, democracy, prosperity and liberty, and guaranteed by the strong and morally convicted, not by unelected faceless bureaucrats at the Berlaymont.