Poland’s Potential Nuclear Deterrence

From the Wall Street Journal: Poland has capacities to build a nuclear bomb, in fact it has enough fuel to build about a dozen. Shocking?

The country is not on the list of states with nuclear capacities such as the U.S. and Russia, which are busy negotiating a new nuclear arms reduction treaty. Still, the Polish prime minister received an invitation to attend the April nuclear summit in Washington, D.C.

Until now, there has been no information on the country possessing enough material or planning to build a nuclear bomb, so why should Poland be involved in a summit like that?

As it turns out, Poland is among 44 countries included in an annex of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty that lists states with nuclear power or research reactors. According to a former chairman of the Polish nuclear administration, the country is capable of building nuclear weaponry thanks to a research reactor active since the early 1970s that has given it enough fuel for 10 or more bombs. …

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Thursday that he wouldn’t agree to give up the nuclear bombs that Poland doesn’t have, “partly” because it doesn’t have them. Obviously, there must then be another reason why he’ll refuse to surrender his paper bombs, and it’s not that difficult to guess what it is.  (photo:  Institute of Atomic Energy Polatom)

Image: poland_nukes_3_26_10.jpg