Polish MiGs Patrolling Baltic States

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From defpro.com: April 30, military contingents conducting the QRA Baltic Air-policing mission will change during a ceremony at the LAF Siauliai Air Base: Polish Air Contingent with four MiG-29 will replace French soldiers.

Polish forces are deploying air assets for the Baltic Air-policing mission for the third time (after service on January-March 2006 and March-June 2008 with MiG-29 fighter-jets). The majority of the present shift come from the 23rd Air Base and the 1st Tactical Squadron of the Polish Air Force based in Minsk Mazowiecki near Warsaw. The third Polish rotation named „Eagle 3′ will comprise 100 troops, 8 of them pilots. The shift is led by Lt. Col. Robert Kozak, Commander of the 1st Tactical Squadron. Members of the shift from Minsk Mazowiecki will come to the Baltic States for the second time; they guarded the Baltic skies for the first time in 2006. …

The leaving shift of French troops were patrolling the Baltic airspace with four Mirage-2000 fighter-jets. Staff rotating on the basis of 1-2 months once reached the number of 140 troops. During the first two months of the mission the French contingent was led by Lt. Col. Chrisotphe Michel, for the rest of time – by Lt. Col. Sébastien Vallette. Fighter-jets and equipment of the French Air Force fell subject to a considerable low temperature trial. However, Mirage-2000 took-off for training flights for over 140 times. (Photo: SWO Alvydas Tamosiunas)

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