Polish Prime Minister sees no NATO security interests at stake in Libya


From Reuters:  Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk told reporters in Warsaw on Friday: "When it comes to the military conflict in Libya and eventual intervention, the Polish position will be clear and cautious and we will respond calmly. "

He said there were no Polish or NATO security interests at stake. "We understand engagement and emotions driving some European leaders to quick and rapid moves, but we don’t share this feeling," Tusk said.

From thenews.pl:  “Poland does not intend to take part in the military action in Libya,” Tusk said, adding, however, that the country is always ready “to provide solidarity to any NATO country which will find itself in danger.” 

“But I want to make it loud and clear that Polish soldiers will take part in actions that safeguard the interests of Poland and NATO’s security only when they are in immediate danger,” Tusk exclaimed.  (photo: Reuters)

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