From the Kyiv Post: According to the polls findings, 46.8% of Ukrainians have a favorable opinion about the EU, with 11.3% of them claiming they have a very favorable opinion about the EU. Twenty-two point six percent of the respondents have an unfavorable view of the EU, 8.9% of them with a very unfavorable view. Nineteen point two percent of the respondents have no opinion about the EU, while 1.5% could not answer.

Meanwhile, most Ukrainians (62.3%) said they have a negative view of NATO. Twenty-six point five percent of the respondents said they had a very unfavorable view of the Alliance. The organization is being positively perceived by 21% respondents, with 3% of them having a very favorable view of NATO. Sixteen point five percent of respondents have no opinion about NATO, and 0.5% could not answer. (graphic: Kyiv Post)