President of Romania: “We Insist Georgia is Given MAP”

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili is welcomed by Romanian President Traian Basescu in Bucharest

From Financiarul:  Romania insists that Georgia is given the Membership Action Plan (MAP), a roadmap to entry to NATO, stated on Wednesday President Traian Basescu in a joint press conference with Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili, who is paying an official visit to Bucharest.

In respect of Romania’s position, I would like to be extremely clear that we have not changed our stance as regards Georgia from the NATO Summit in Bucharest. We consider that Georgia can, even under current conditions, be awarded the Membership Action Plan and, as such, to benefit of a clear time horizon to join NATO. What was established in Bucharest – namely that Georgia has to become a NATO member – in the absence of the MAP, is not very clear when it will achieve this goal.

Therefore, we insist that Georgia is given the MAP”, said the head of Romanian state. Traian Basescu added that, within bilateral talks, one of the approached subjects was related to the close NATO Summit, the head of state noting that Romania wishes to become better acquainted with Georgia’s aspirations and goals at this meeting.  (photo: Reuters)

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