Pro-Western Head of Ukraine’s Naval Forces Sacked

From  Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich has dismissed the country’s Head of Naval forces Igor Tenukh, who allegedly initiated the information war against Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Crimea.

The decision was published on the president’s official website. During the 2008 war launched by Georgia in South Ossetia, Admiral Igor Tenukh ordered Ukrainian ships to block the entrance for the Russian navy to Sevastopol’s bay. The Russian Black Sea Fleet was then participating in the operation of “forcing Georgia to come to peace.”

Vice-Admiral Viktor Maksimov has been appointed as the new head of Ukraine’s Naval Forces. During the last six years, Maksimov has been the first Deputy Head of Ukraine’s Navy. He participated in both Ukraine’s joint exercises with NATO and maneuvers with Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. There are hopes that the new head of Ukraine’s Navy will be able to reduce tensions between Russian and Ukrainian marines.  (photo:  AP)

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