From Frank Gaffney at the Washington Times: In fact, the New York Times reported on Saturday that Team Obama is poised to look at alternatives — sea-based missile defenses or putting those or other anti-missile systems ashore someplace other than Poland and the Czech Republic. Among the candidates said to be under consideration are Turkey, the Balkans or Israel. Never mind that these alternatives pose their own problems, including security, stability and geographic appropriateness given the trajectories of missiles Iran might launch.

The Polish and Czech governments are understandably horrified at this transparent bid to accede to the Kremlin’s efforts to re-establish a sphere of influence in Europe. Other Europeans (notably, the Germans) are now heavily dependent on Russian-supplied natural gas — another dramatic reversal of Mr. Reagan’s time-tested policies. These countries therefore are subject to oft-practiced Moscow’s energy blackmail and are happy to join Washington in appeasing Mr. Putin. (photo: Rex Pictures)