Republic of Korea Becoming the 46th Contributor to ISAF

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From Allied Command Operations: The Republic of Korea has offered to deploy a Provincial Reconstruction Team for Parwan Province to contribute to the governmental and infrastructure development of Regional Command East. With this official offer made on the 13 April, the Republic of Korea becomes the 46th contributor to the United Nations mandated International Security Assistance Force and the 19th Non NATO Contributing Nation. The civilian led PRT and its small protection force is expected to deploy in July.

Twenty-six PRTs are operated by both NATO and non NATO members in Afghanistan. PRTs are a mix of civilian and military personnel, whose main purpose is to extend the reach of the Afghan government by providing support to ministries, the Afghan National Security Forces, International Organizations and Non Governmental Organizations, and to carry out their respective endeavours for the promotion of stability, economic development, and good governance. (photo: NATO)

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