Russia expels Romanian diplomat for spying


From AFP:  Russia’s FSB security agency on Monday detained a Romanian diplomat for spying, and he was ordered to leave the country within 48 hours, an agency spokesman told AFP.

"Gabriel Grecu… was detained by FSB in Moscow on August 16 during an attempt to receive secret information of a military nature from a Russian citizen," the spokesman said, claiming that Grecu worked for a Romanian intelligence agency.

"Items of spying equipment that fully reveal his hostile activity against Russia have been confiscated from the intelligence officer," the spokesman told AFP on customary condition of anonymity. …

Grecu was working under cover as the first secretary of the political department at the Romanian embassy in Moscow, the spokesman charged. …

"The foreigner has been declared persona non grata and should leave the territory of our country within the next 48 hours," the FSB said in a statement, referring to a decision by the country’s foreign ministry.  (graphic: Russia Today)

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