Russia Revamps Missile Defenses Around Moscow

Two launch sites near Moscow will be reactivated and equipped with new long-range missiles

From RIA Novosti:  Russia will reactivate mothballed ballistic missile silos around Moscow as part of deep modernization of a missile defense network protecting the Russian capital, former chief of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces, Col. Gen. (Ret) Viktor Yesin said on Monday. . . .

Two launch sites with long-range 51T6 (NATO: SH-11 ‘Gorgon’) exo-atmospheric interceptor missiles were deactivated in 2007 as the missiles became obsolete. They will be equipped with new long-range missiles and reactivated during the modernization.

“There are no plans to build new launch sites as the mothballed ones will be reactivated,” the general said.  (photo: Michail Fomichev/RIA Novosti)

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