Russia Says No Arms Reduction Deal Without Missile Defense Clause

From RIA Novosti:  Russia insists on the inclusion of U.S. missile defenses in Europe in a new strategic arms reduction treaty between the two countries in order to ensure nuclear parity, Russia’s top military commander said. …

"The treaty is some 95% ready, but we still have to resolve some issues, including getting the U.S. agreement to include the missile defense issues in the treaty," General Nikolai Makarov said in an interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily published on Tuesday.

Makarov said the previous treaty was skewed in favor of the United States and harmed Russia’s national interests. This time, Moscow wants to make sure that a new deal is based on parity and stability.

"If the Americans continue to expand their missile defenses, they will certainly target our nuclear capability and in this case the balance of forces will shift in favor of the United States," the general said.

He added that the development of missile defenses would inevitably lead to a new round of the arms race and undermine the true nature of nuclear arms reductions.  (photo: Vladimir Rodionov/RIA Novosti)

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