Russia says U.S. Anti-Missile Shield Plans Could Affect Talks on Arms Cuts Pact

From RIA Novosti: "Taking into account the present circumstances, this [the expansion of the U.S. anti-missile shield in Eastern Europe] has caused concern in the Russian government and Russian armed forces," General Nikolai Makarov, chief of Russia’s General Staff, said. "We look at this negatively…"

Makarov said the new arms deal was 97% complete, with only technical issues remaining to be agreed, but added that U.S. plans for missile defense systems in Eastern Europe were affecting the negotiations.

"Recent events in Eastern Europe have to some extent affected the negotiations. But this will be reflected in the new treaty," he told journalists in the strongest reaction by a Russian official to the U.S. missile shield so far.  (graphic: RIA Novosti)

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