Russian, NATO Defense Ministers May Meet in June

President Dmitry Medvedev listens to Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov while watching "West-2009" military exercises

From RIA Novosti:  The Russia-NATO Council may meet on a ministerial level in the middle of June, the first such gathering since Russia’s August 2008 war with Georgia, Moscow’s ambassador to the military alliance said on Monday.

"The preliminary date is June 10 or 11, although it is purely preliminary, because we cannot talk about any substantial agenda for this meeting yet," Dmitry Rogozin said. "If this meeting is really of interest to both parties, it has a chance of taking place."

Relations between Moscow and the Western bloc went sour during the conflict in South Ossetia and the ministerial meeting would be another step in normalizing ties.  (photo: AP)

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