From RIA Novosti: Russia’s envoy to NATO has poured cold water on an offer by Moldova’s unrecognized republic of Transdnestr to deploy Russian missile defense elements…

Russia’s envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said Transdnestr’s move to deploy Russian Iskander missiles could lead to a serious regional conflict, and added that there could be no talk yet of bilateral efforts to ‘reset’ Russian-U.S. relations if Moscow continues to hear the United States’ plans to deploy missiles in Romania from mass media.

"This situation could lead to a rather serious regional argument or even a political conflict. In regard to whether Iskanders should be deployed there or not, Iskander [missiles are] not a means to be used in such talks," he said.

"How can we talk of a true partnership with Washington if we read unpleasant news in newspapers," Rogozin said. (graphic: RIA Novosti)