From Polskie Radio: It has been revealed that Poland’s Internal Security Agency detained a spy last year who worked for Russia’s largest foreign intelligence agency, GRU.

The arrest up until now has been confidential and only the president, prime minister and prosecutors know about the case.

The daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna says it has established that at the turn of February and March 2009, after several months of investigation, the Internal Security Agency (ABW) decided to arrest the man. Since then he has been held in custody under questioning…

According to the newspaper’s informants close to the government, the Russian embassy in Poland did not know about his activity because he reported directly to GRU.  Polish security officers, who have been awarded for their work, also found signaling equipment in his flat.

NATOSource: According to DPA, the man “lived in Poland for more than a decade” and “was arrested after his actions became ‘intolerable’ and ‘harmful’ to Poland.” Based on these two reports, the sequence appears to be that this individual had been active in Poland for more than ten years, was identified a few months ago and had been under surveillance (to discover his network of contacts) until something significant caused his capture in late February 2009. Unlike other recent spy cases, this man was not officially associated with the Russian embassy and thus had no diplomatic status in Poland, which helps explain why he is in prison rather than just expelled. (photo: Dmitry Astakhov/AP, ITAR-TASS)