Russian Warship En Route to Black Sea for Naval Drills

From RIA Novosti: The Caesar Kunikov large amphibious landing ship from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet set out on Thursday to take part in Blackseafor naval drills, the fleet’s press service said.

Blackseafor was formally established in 2001 on Turkey’s initiative and comprises Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Georgia and Russia. It conducts search and rescue operations and environmental monitoring, and organizes goodwill visits to Black Sea countries.

‘The warship will represent the Russian Federation in this international group,’ the statement said, adding that a naval infantry unit was on board to ensure its security in port, as well as to conduct anti-terror drills.

This year’s drills will be conducted under the command of a Bulgarian admiral.

The Blackseafor warships will practice tactical maneuvers, the conduct of combat operations against surface ships, air defense and communications.  (photo: Luis Díaz-Bedia Astor)

Image: cesar_kunikov_4_9_10.jpg