Russian Warship to Join NATO Baltic Exercises

Russian amphibious assault landing ship BALTOPS

From RIA Novosti:  An amphibious assault landing ship, the Kaliningrad, will take part in the BALTOPS-2010 naval exercises in the Baltic Sea on June 7-18, Russia’s Baltic Fleet spokesman said on Tuesday.

The BALTOPS exercise has been held annually since 1994 within the framework of the NATO Partnership for Peace Program. It is aimed to promote a mutual understanding of maritime interoperability between U.S. Navy, NATO, and non-NATO participants.

"The [Kaliningrad] amphibious assault landing ship will carry out a range of training tasks, including joint maneuvering in a large ship formation, patrol missions and a simulated assault landing," the official said. …

The warship represented Russia at the BALTOPS drills five times since 2003.  (photo: Igor Tchuprin/RIA Novosti)

Image: ria%206%201%2010%20Russian%20amphibious%20assault%20landing%20ship%20BALTOPS.jpg