Russia’s spy services identified as ‘the most active espionage organizations’ in the Czech Republic


From RIA Novosti:  Russian “special services” are the most active foreign espionage organizations in the Czech Republic, the Czech Security Information Service (BIS) said on Wednesday.

The BIS 2011 report states that Russian spies work under different covers, mainly at Russian diplomatic missions, and in numbers that are utterly unjustified given the current status of Czech-Russian relations. . . .

One of their main targets was the energy sector, in particular, the tender for the completion of the Temelin nuclear power plant, BIS said.

From the Czech Security Information Service (BIS):  Based on evaluation of the degree of security risks, in 2011 the priorities of the BIS in the area of counterespionage were intelligence services of the Russian Federation and, in the area of economic and scientific-technical espionage, also the intelligence services of the People’s Republic of China.

Intelligence Services of the Russian Federation

In 2011 the Russian Federation continued in its long-term efforts to maintain a high representation of intelligence officers working under the cover of membership in the Russian diplomatic mission in the Czech Republic.The intelligence services of the Russian Federation are not the only intelligence services of foreign countries present on Czech territory, but in 2011 they were again the most active espionage organizations in the country. A continuing phenomenon was also the major presence (completely unjustified in view of Czech-Russian relations, and not reciprocated) of Russian intelligence officers on Czech territory under various covers. Russian officials openly abuse the disproportion between the size of the Czech diplomatic mission in Russia and the Russian mission in the Czech Republic, and via various forms of political pressure and reciprocal measures force the Czech Republic to accept members of the Russian intelligence services as diplomats.

In 2011 the intensity of activities of Russian intelligence officers and diplomacy aimed at gaining direct monitoring and control of the activities of Russian immigrants in the Czech Republic noticeably weakened. However, Russian intelligence units continue to focus on the community of immigrants from the Caucasus region in our country. . . .

Intelligence Services of the People’s Republic of China

Based on experience from the year 2011, officers of Chinese intelligence services operating in the Czech Republic pose no direct threat to Czech citizens. In their conduct they endeavour to remain within the confines of their diplomatic cover. Their activities are aimed at finding potential targets: persons, companies, and technologies. A real, direct risk threatens individuals during trips to China, or in case of contact with a third party (such as a commercial company) that is Czech but latently represents Chinese interests (purchase of technology, investments, etc.).  (graphic: Russia Today)

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