SACEUR Honors Swedish-NATO Cooperation in Afghanistan

The Supreme Allied Commander Europe Admiral James G. Stavridis and HG Gen Sverker Goranson review the Life Guard of Sweden at Ka

From Allied Command Operations: "Admiral James Stavridis, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), visited Sweden from 10 -11 May on the invitation of the Chief of Defence of the Swedish Armed Forces, General Sverker Göranson. While there he met with the State Secretary to the Prime Minister, Mr. Gustav Lind, and the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Frank Belfrage. …

During his visit, Admiral Stavridis told Swedish officials and the media: ‘Sweden’s participation in missions is superb. Just one example – currently there are 500 troops operating in one of the most successful Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan. Sweden has been in Afghanistan for nearly 30 years and has been very engaged on the civilian side. There is a deep understanding of Afghanistan in Sweden and that leads towards the integration of civil and military activities.”  (photo: Allied Command Operations)

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