SACEUR Spotlights Bulgaria’s Contributions to NATO

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From Allied Command Operations:  The Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) visited Bulgaria from 26 -27 April, meeting with the Prime Minister, Minister of Defence and Chief of Defence. ….

The topics of discussion ranged from Bulgaria’s role in NATO’s security plan to their contribution in the United Nations Mandated International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, where Bulgaria currently contributes 525 troops. ….

Adm. Stavridis commended Bulgaria on its contributions to NATO’s efforts around the world.

"You have been proud members of the Alliance since 2004, we appreciate your continued support and the way you are prioritizing Afghanistan,” Adm. Stavridis said during the visit. "Training the Afghan National Security Forces is a significant part of our success strategy, so the additional Operational Mentoring and Liaison teams are most welcome. Bulgaria also plays an important role in the Black Sea area," he added.

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