Sarkozy believes Europe and Russia must be Strategic Partners


From France24:  French President Nicolas Sarkozy appealed Saturday for closer ties between Europe and Russia as he oversaw the signing of a raft of commercial contracts with his Russian counterpart in Saint Petersburg.

"I have the conviction that Europe and Russia must work together in a strategic way, very closely, in a relationship of confidence," Sarkozy said in a keynote speech at Russia’s most important business summit.

"The Cold War is over. The Wall is finished. Russia is a great power, we are neighbours, we are destined to be friends, we must come closer to each other," he added.

Sarkozy, whose relationship with Medvedev was strained during the Russo-Georgian crisis in the summer of 2008, also repeated his esteem for the Russian president. …

Moments later the Russian leader returned the courtesy, praising the "special personal relationship" with his French counterpart.  (photo: Reuters)

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