From NATO: The United States must know and see that in difficult times, indeed precisely when it is most difficult, this Alliance stands together and contributes together. If the United States do not see that now, I am afraid many in the U.S. will wonder about Europe as a real partner in security. And that would be damaging over the long term for NATO and for the transatlantic relationship.

This Alliance is about sharing security, but that doesn’t just mean sharing the benefits. It also means sharing the costs and the risks…

In this Bratislava meeting we will also discuss our common military budget. The problem is money. Basically, we don’t have the budget we need to meet the demands of our operations and capabilities. Nations have decided to do things we can’t fully pay for, and this can’t continue.

We have an increasing gap between requirements, on the one hand, and resources on the other hand. This gap must be filled as soon as possible. And I will want to see with ministers how we can address this, either by making savings, or by taking a hard look at what we consider priorities.

Excerpts from press conference by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Video. (photo: NATO)