Senior Israeli official: Turkey hurting NATO by undermining its ties with Israel

Turkey continues to undermine Israel-NATO cooperation

From Herb Keinon, Jerusalem Post:  Turkey continues to undermine Israel-NATO cooperation and Ankara should be clearly told this hurts the NATO alliance and is no way for one of its members to act, deputy head of the National Security Council Eran Lerman said on Monday.

Lerman, speaking to the annual meeting in Jerusalem of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, said that Ankara should be told that its undermining of Israeli participation in NATO was to the alliance’s detriment – rather than Israel’s – and that it was not proper for a member of the alliance to undermine the organization’s capacity.

Lerman noted that while the Israeli-Turkish storm “continues in the public domain, the economic relationship is better than ever, and there is a realization in Turkey that there are things in common.”  (photo: Tandem Post)

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